123.hp.com/envy5536 Printer Guidance

HP Envy 5536 Setup Guidance

Setting up the 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer is carried out after purchasing it. You cannot print from the printer without setting up the device. The device is available in a carton. Scroll down the steps mentioned below to begin the printer setup process.

HP Envy 5536 First-Time Install Guidance

  1. Peel Off the tape on top of the printer’s shipment box.
  2. Take the “HP Envy 5536 Printer” and its resource materials out of the carton.
  3. The materials may vary based on the country/region.
  4. Eradicate all the blue tapes and packing materials surrounding the printer.
  5. Find the printer’s power cable in its shipment box.
  6. Insert the power cable between the hindside of the printer and a wall socket.
  7. “Find” the “Power button” on the printer’s panel and press on it to turn it on.
  8. “Fill” stack of paper into the main tray.
  9. Glide the paper width guides against the edges of the paper.
  10. “Install” genuine ink cartridges into their slots until they snap into place.
  11. “Wait” for few seconds for the printer to deliver the alignment page.

HP Envy 5536 Printer Services

The driver should be compatible with the printer model and version of the operating system. Find the link on the page and click on it to start the download process. If you want more details about setup procedures, use the manual for the procedure.

Printer Driver

Are you connecting the 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer to a Windows or Mac system? If yes, the system prompts to install the driver. In such circumstances, you need to choose the driver from its compatible one. Use the full feature driver to access the full functionality of the printer.

Printer Manual

123.hp.com/envy5536 printer supports hard copy as well as soft copy. Click the link mentioned on the page to start the download process. The downloaded file is available in the PDF format. Use the user manual index for an easy reference. Click the page number to move to its respective page.

Easy Guidance for HP Envy 5536 Driver Installation

HP Envy 5536 Driver Installation on Windows

  • Find the download link on the website 123.hp.com/envy5536. “Press” on it to begin the download process.
  • Remove all the temporary files from the system.
  • Never power off the system and the printer during the installation process.
  • Check if there is enough space to install the driver on the system.
  • After downloading, click the .exe setup file in the Downloads folder.
  • Run the setup file which indicates the installation process starts.
  • Choose the purpose of connection as Home or Office.
  • Type the PIN code. After completing the process, click Finish.

HP Envy 5536 Driver Installation for Mac

  • You can use the software installation CD to install the driver.
  • Recently manufactured Mac systems do not have a disc drive.
  • So it is suggested to download the driver from our website.
  • Click the link mentioned above to begin the download process.
  • The setup file downloads automatically in the Downloads folder of the system.
  • Select the .dmg setup file to begin the installation process.
  • Choose the mode of connection as Wired or Wireless depending on the printer model.
  • If the file is available in the zip format, extract all the files individually.
  • You need to complete all the process by clicking the Finish button.

HP Envy 5536 Wireless Setup

Verify if the 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer supports the wireless connection. Scroll down the steps below to establish the network connection.

hp envy 5536 wireless setup

How to Connect HP Envy 5536 to Wireless?

  • Find the network name and password from the ISP documentation.
  • Get the credentials ready for establishing the network connection.
  • Power up your 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer and system.
  • Link your printer and system to the same network with stable internet access.
  • Detach the printer’s USB cable from its rear end if required.
  • Use the Wireless Setup Wizard method to establish the connection.
  • Go the printer’s control panel to select the Network Settings icon.
  • Click the Wireless Setup Wizard option to establish the connection.
  • A stable wireless light displays on the printer’s control panel.

HP Envy 5536 Airprint Setup

Airprint is a mobile printing app available in all latest Apple devices. Get the easy steps to set up the AirPrint on all your devices.

  1. Inspect if the printer supports the AirPrint feature.
  2. Configure the printer and the system to the same network.
  3. AirPrint app is not supported when the printer is connected to a public network.
  4. Open the document or photo to print.
  5. Choose the 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer from the list of available devices.
  6. “Click” the “+” sign to add the number of copies you wish to print.
  7. Click Print to start the printing process.
  8. Take the printed sheets from the output tray.