HP Wireless Printer Setup

HP Wireless Printer Setup AiO Support

Follow the simple steps mentioned below diligently to connect your 123 HP Wireless Printer Setup device without any issues:

HP Wireless Printer Setup

HP Wireless Printer Setup Steps:

  1. Turn ON HP Wireless Printer Setup.
  2. Follow the proper unpacking steps as per the instructions. Perform all the basic setup process for your printer accordingly.
  3. After completing the above-said process, proceed to plug in the power cord to your HP wireless printer device and the other end connected to the power socket on the wall.
  4. Following this, turn on your HP wireless printer device in order to install the ink cartridges.
  5. Patiently wait for your HP wireless printer device’s booting process to complete. You will be provided with an alignment page.
  6. Prefer the method of HP Wireless Printer Setup network connection among your various choices as you so desire.
  7. If you HP wireless printer device happens to support Ethernet connection, you have the option of establishing an Ethernet-based network connection

HP USB Printer Setup

Wireless Printer Setup – You can convert your printer that has been configured to work with a USB setting to work from a wireless network. This is achieved by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Obtain a USB cable under 3 meters in length. Use it to connect your printer and your computer. the connection is made to a port on the computer that is fully functioning.
  • Check if the driver software has been installed on your computer. If not, using the internet connection, download and install the software. This can be performed by following the instructions given below.
  • Select Start button from your desktop followed by All Programs option.
  • From the Program List, select HP and then opt for Printer Setup Software option.
  • In the subsequent option, select Convert a USB Connected Printer to Wireless. This will force your driver setup to switch to a wireless-based one allowing you to connect wirelessly.

HP Wireless Printer Setup Protected Support

By following the steps provided below, you can set up your printer to connect to your protected wireless network. This refers to connecting your printer to the wireless network by using the WPS feature.

  • “Locate and Run” the Wireless Adapter Setup Wizard.
  • The next window that appears is the Connect to a Wireless Network window. You should choose Use Wi-Fi Protected Setup to Connect Option to connect wirelessly via the WPS setup.
  • After choosing the Above said option, on your screen, Quick Connect option using Wi-Fi Protected Setup is displayed. Choose it.
  • Now, select the WPS button available on the router after which you will have to choose the connect option present in the same window.
  • Choose the “Apply Button” & then the Close option.
  • The network location should be set to the Network Location Setup that is displayed in the window.
  • Close the window after making all the changes and wait for them to take effect.

How to Fix Print Quality Issues?

  • Check the Estimated Ink Level and refill the empty cartridge.
  • Make sure the paper quality meets the media specifications.
  • Run the Cleaning tool to clear the ink clogging issues.
  • Print a diagnostics page to know the exact issue.

Auto Wireless Connection Support

The HP Wireless Printer Setup allows you to automatically connect to your wireless network without having to go through the tedious process of manual connection. The steps mentioned below are a testimony the above fact.

  • Start with checking if your computer and wireless network that is to be connected together are compatible. This includes the bandwidth etc.
  • On your search bar, search and open HP Printer Software. This refers to the driver software that was previously downloaded.
  • The printer is turned on and kept so during the process.
  • During the driver software installation, choose Wireless as your mode of network connection.
  • Proceed to choose the Auto Connect option. This will enable the printer to automatically search and connect to the existing networks.
  • Choose the one that belongs to you. From the next time onward, the connection will happen automatically as long as your network is active and the printer is turned on.

123 HP Wireless Direct Connection

The greatest advantage of HP Wireless Direct is the fact that it requires no router to establish a network connection. The connection is made directly to the printer. The steps below should be able to guide you.

  • The method to make your printer connection via Wireless Direct is almost the same as a regular wireless connection. Your printer should be equipped with the sufficient hardware to perform this connection.
  • Install the driver software which is downloaded from the link mentioned on our site.
  • The driver installed is by following the instructions mentioned on-screen. When prompted, choose wireless as your mode of network connection.
  • To make the HP Wireless Printer Setup direct connection, turn on your printer’s Wireless Direct connection. This is followed by turning on your computer’s Wi-Fi.
  • From your computer, search for wireless networks and connect to the one that belongs to your printer. This network is usually found with the printer’s name.
  • Choose a document from your computer and try printing it to verify the connection.